Bere Island Graveyard Project

The graveyard adjacent to St Michael's Church, Bere Island contains some graves dating to the late 1700s.  The graveyard was extended in 1987, and the 'new' graveyard lies to the north of the the older one.  The graveyard contains the grave of the parents of William Martin Murphy, leader of the employers of the  General Strike of 1913, as well as a number of Commonwealth War graves.

In 2009, the late Winnie Murphy (RIP) while working on the Bere Island Conservation Plan for Bere Island Projects Group undertook a project to map the island graveyard. We are delighted to be able to digitise Winnie's work on this website.

Please note the island townland of Ardaragh as it spelt on place names, appears as Ardra on some headstones. Also, military graves can also be searched under 'Army' or by rank number if known.

NB: The graveyard database is still being uploaded and will be finished within the next few weeks, please, check back!